Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You Are Either With People of Faith, Or...

Those of you that follow this blog (when I have been a little more consistent, day-to-day) know that I have not broached the subject of religion here, because this blog is aimed primarily at the needs of veterans, the active duty troops etc. and their families. But now, as a person also of faith (not the Bill Frist kind), this all has changed for me - because the idiots of the Fascist American Right are forcing the issue - and, yes, even veterans should have an interest in this latest development.

There is ranting, which we all like to do from time to time, but now there is a raving lunacy coming from elected Senators and our own version of self-appointed religious crusaders who have aligned their purposes together to derail our Constitution - in the name of the Constitution. They didn't need a white smoke stack to announce their absolute position of righteousness. As far as they are concerned, they speak for God - that is, for anyone against the filibuster.

No longer are the courts necessary for justice, unless it's their judges at stake. No longer are the rights of minorities an issue with them. Going nuclear will take care of that - at least they think so.

George Bush started this during the campaign - and now the tiger has him by the tail. Notice he hasn't said a word about this latest Holy Empire of the Right. Is it possible that even he knows that Frist, DeLay, Lott and their pope James Dobson are way over the top?

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