Monday, September 12, 2005

Colin Powell - Too Little, Too Late?

Now, over two years too late, Colin Powell tells Barbara Walters what we already knew - there never was any tie between 9/11 and Iraq, and the administration knew it. Colin Powell, alone from this administration, admits that our reasons for going to war were not supported by the evidence. Stand by for a frontal attack on Powell by Rove and his raving maniacs.

Of course W himself, in a moment away from his handlers, said that there was no tie, but since then has acted like he never said such a thing. Everything, in fact is related to 9/11, including a shameless stretch, tying Katrina to 9/11.

What next? Did 9/11 cause the incredible debt thrown on our children and our grandchildren. Did 9/11 cause the deep divide in this country from someone who said he would be the great uniter? Did 9/11 cause a new policy of pre-emptive warfare, now to include nuclear weapons? Did 9/11 cause the incredible mismanagement of Katrina from top to bottom? Did 9/11 cause our borders to become conduits for potential terrorists? Did 9/11 cause my transmission to fail last week?

Conservatives love to rail at the supposed 'victim mentality' of liberals. They should look in the mirror at their leader.

UPDATE: FEMA director Mike Brown, the latest administration failure to claim victim status*, has actually become the victim of his own lack of ability and judgment, having apparently resigned this morning. (*Courtesy of Buzzflash)

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