Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hats Off

The military knows how to do this kind of thing, and they are doing it well in the Gulf, now that the various inept, incompetent, and unprepared government bureaucracies are being put into a secondary role of support.

One federal agency stands out from the beginning - the Coast Guard. When all is said and done, during the first three days, they alone waited for no one, and did their job. They didn't wait to see who had jurisdiction or who was in charge - they took charge for what they could do. By themselves, they have saved thousands who also might have perished. Hats off.

Similarly, local law enforcement agencies, for the most part have stayed on the job without sleep for days, some coming under gunfire. Hats off.

The Red Cross & Salvation Army know how to respond but dozens of other nonprofits are also providing literally tons of help in resources and support. Hats off.

And in the vacuum created by the initial lack of timely response at all levels, the people of this country have responded - they too have saved many lives and have opened their wallets, their cities, their homes, and their churches. A very big hats off...

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