Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vets Are Getting Lost in the Political Rhetoric

While vets get tossed around as political footballs, some are trying to get the public to understand that it's not enough to support the troops, if that means abandoning them after their return.

When are we going to 'get it'? We've got our priorities screwed up. When you get down to it, any veteran ought to be able to go into any medical facility and get the help they need, on a priority basis. And it shouldn't stop there. Not one of them should be homeless. Sound too 'socialistic'? I don't think so, compared to the hypocritical head-in-the-sand attitudes we now subject our veterans to. We ask our sons and daughters to go to war (yes they are currently volunteers), but they return to an ever-widening cycle of neglect - half a million of them are on the streets in any given year.

And please don't write to tell me the Clinton administration didn't do anything significant to help veterans in an effort to absolve those who could do something about it now, beginning with the president. The point is - just do it.

One of the many efforts to raise visibility is worth knowing about:

Just like with other modern documentaries, "A Grateful Nation" attempts to show in vivid, raw imagery the life our country provides returning heroes. Stereotypes and ignorance are not easily combated, but it is possible.

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