Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NeoCon Logic 101 (cont, etc. etc.)

If you can't admit guilt, baffle them with BS. The neocon argument about pre-war intelligence goes like this: "We weren't the only ones wrong - everyone else was too."

Even if this version of Rove dog poo were correct, which it isn't, what does this say about LEADERSHIP in this administration? Their definition: Refuse to accept responsibility and accountability and spread the blame in any way possible (after blaming Bill Clinton first). They haven't figured out why they are in the 35% approval range and going down: people across the political spectrum want answers not excuses to FIX things like Iraq, real support of the troops and veterans, medical care, education etc., etc., etc.

There are no answers coming from the neocons, just louder and louder denials that it wasn't just their fault. What inspiring leadership...

UPDATE on Veterans PTSD (see Oct 26 post below): Responding to growing outrage from military and veterans' groups, the VA has cancelled its plans to review thousands of VA disability ratings for PTSD.

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