Monday, November 07, 2005

President Directs White House to Take Ethics Class

Subtitle to the article that should have been added: Overflow Crowd Expected

Anyone want to guess who will be the guest speakers to help Harriet Meiers? There are lots of possibilities:

Tom DeLay?
Bill Frist?
Scooter Libby?
Karl Rove?
John Poindexter?
Anyone who says we have never used torture techniques but still wants to exempt the CIA?
(Readers: can you think of anymore guest speakers)?

How about what will not be taught:

- Conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof
- Rights to counsel and a reasonably prompt hearing of charges
- Inhumane & illegal treatment of prisoners
- Withdrawal of funding from the people who especially need it like veterans, seniors, students, medicare - while continuing tax breaks for the rich
- Protection of privacy
- Real values like honor, integrity, truthfulness

Unfortunately it's going to hard to run the class because it's going to be next to impossible to find an ethical code in line with the 'values' of this administration. Forseeing this possibility, Ms. Meiers will probably outsource the course to Halliburton, after first making sure the vice president's automatic deposit is still coming in from them.

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