Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So, How Are You Going to Pay...

...the extra $100,000 you owe the federal government if you are a family of four? But that's just as of today. At the current spending rates of this administration, every grandchild being born today will be, individually, making the federal government millionaires by the time they are old enough to vote. Why not split the $300 billion going to Iraq amongst the 27 million Iraqis and just give them a check for $10,000 each? That should get us out of Iraq in a heartbeat.

Oh, by the way, the same Congressman DeFazio reported this morning that the 'recently declassified plan to win victory in Iraq' - the 35 page glossy report Mr. Bush held up in a speech last week - was not something being used or even developed anywhere in our own government! It was instead developed by one university political science professor in North Carolina - conveniently in time for the series of Bush speeches in the last two weeks.

So, while our Democrat senators are busy signing a letter to the president today demanding more specificty of the plan, they ought to first look into the b.s. behind the plan itself.

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