Monday, January 09, 2006

Sham of 'Support the Troops' Exposed - Again

2006 starts out no different than 2005:

The Party of 'Values' - the Repugnicans - is now so tangled in its own underwear of corruption, being on the take from lobbyists, stripping your rights of privacy, and ripping off American Indian tribes, that they no longer can keep track of the conflicting stories they try to feed to the public - including their supposed support of the troops and veterans.

After more than a year of exposure in the media, and on blogs like this one, that the DoD was inadequately arming and protecting the troops, the problems never got really fixed - in spite of protestations that whatever 'supply' issues there were would be overcome. It took our troops on their own to upgrade the armor on Humvees, before the government decided that might be a good idea, and now even that protection is inadequate.

Similarly, with regard to body armor, the DoD said in the past that the armor was available, but that most troops chose not to wear it because it was too cumbersome. But amidst all the flak coming in on this administration comes the real truth once again - that the Pentagon is contributing to deaths on the battlefield needlessly through inaction, misplaced priorities or criminal negligence - take your choice.

So, veterans, how much more of this incompetence and misplaced priorities are you willing to take before you vote out the people responsible and all those appointed by them? Will it take the death of your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter?

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