Thursday, August 03, 2006

Four-Stars Admit to Possibility of Civil War in Iraq

...but not our Secretary of Offense who continues to use the its-the-size-of-California defense to perpetuate the myth from his boss that we are turning a corner. Bottom line - there is still no exit strategy. And don't look for one anytime before 2009.

We are now so impotent because of our maniacal focus on Iraq, that we have no flexibility or influence in the Middle East, and must resort to a carnvial game approach (John McCain's analogy) to rob Peter and pay Paul, moving insufficient numbers of troops around Iraq so that they can become targets elsewhere.

All this while our critical equipment is breaking down and wearing out.

All this while a significant chunk of our National Guard forces are not available in our own country (oh, but we are 'safer' here now, aren't we?).

And, as a result of the fact that we refused to even attempt to help broker an end to the Lebanon debacle, Condi Rice basically got told to take a hike and get out of Dodge.

What a disgrace of a foreign policy.

Maybe the far-right neocon high priests of fundamental Christianity are right - maybe Armageddon is upon us. It's just that they've got the location wrong. It's not in the Middle East - it's in Washington D.C. We can do something about it: work hard to ensure that those responsible will be 'raptured' out of leadership in the elections of 2006 & 2008.

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